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Gomu Gomu Cosplay & Sakura Mochi Interview for Cosplayla

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Usako Minako
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2007 2:56 am    Post subject: Gomu Gomu Cosplay & Sakura Mochi Interview for Cosplayla Reply with quote

Hello everyone! Thanks for coming to the interview! Just post your reply including the question you are answering to!

1.) Can you introduce your 2 groups?

2.) How did Gomu Gomu Cosplay and Sakura Mochi happen to join forces?

3.) When did you start cosplaying together?

4.) We observed many skits done by both groups, what do you use for inspiration and motivation when coming up with an idea?

5.) What has been your favorite performance so far?

6.) What has been your favorite convention you've attended?

7.) Your groups have won a few awards, what advice can you give to cosplay groups to be successful?

(List skits within the last year with pisctures and you tube files)

Thank you everyone!
Jenny S.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 16, 2007 4:28 pm    Post subject: Replies! Reply with quote

Sorry that took so long, i linked to your forum but everyone ended up responding in LJ (Then one of our member's had a death in her family so we've been distracted)

I put the conversations all together! Here it is. ^_^

1.) Can you introduce your 2 groups?
Kagome: Sakura Mochi was started by myself (kagomechan) and Daitenshi when we wanted to do a skit together and wanted a cool group name! After a few reject names I suggested Sakura Mochi because it sounded cute and japanesey. I wanted our group to include all our friends, sort of an umbrella name, basically if you did a skit with us we considered you a member. For a while the members consisted of Daitenshi, Daichan, Kawaii Aya, wannabehokage and myself.

Kinbu: GomuGomu no Cosplay is difficult to introduce because itís such a wide-reaching group of people. Iím not sure we can actually introduce ourselves as any specific people because weíre more like ďHey, we need a body, want to be in this skit?Ē to anyone we like. The group started out at AniMagic 2002 for their first performance and only one person (Hiku) from that original skit actively performs with us to this day. We're laid back and fun-loving, we range in experience from novice to expert and what the main players have in common is the love for costuming, performing and (you guessed it) One Piece.

Hiku: The only thing I can think of adding is the fact that Gomu Gomu never intended on establishing a group name or anything beyond our performance at Ani-Magic. It was simply a group of friends who wanted to perform in a masquerade. But lo and behold, we sparked a flame [that we hope to still keep burning strong!] and the name just... sorta stuck XD;

2.) How did Gomu Gomu Cosplay and Sakura Mochi happen to join forces?
Kagome: I wanted to do a One Piece skit with sparkles and dancing!! (Which turned into One Piece Myu) I had met Jadeprince and Kinbu through mutual friends and knew they loved One Piece as well. When our original Sanji couldn't do the skit then the replacement refused to dance, JadePrince jumped in and offered to help. After that skit Kinbu asked me to be in her Bleach skit at AX and thought it would be fun! I ended up dragging Daichan and Daitenshi with me. After that we started plotting more skits together, we just can't bare to shorten or change our names. (We like them too much!)
Now Kinbu and Jadeprince are my roomates so we plot skits all year round. We already know what we want to do for next year's Fanime! Next time we're using one of Kinbu's ideas and I'll be choreographing it. ^_^ I'm excited for Anime Expo as well, for my long awaited Happy Hellsing skit.

3.) When did you start cosplaying together?
Kagome: After One Piece Myu in 2005. We started doing more cosplay groups like our Captains and Vice Captains group from Bleach. Most the time we split into smaller groups and do our own thing but we plot giant groups a lot (Although some we never finish). And of course we also cosplay a ton of One Piece all together.
We've adopted a few new members this year and are planning a bunch of new groups.

4.) We observed many skits done by both groups, what do you use for inspiration and motvation when coming up with an idea?
Kagome: Musical Theatre! XD Crazy, wacky-zaniness. I try to think of things that any fan will appreciate. (Although you can't win them all.) And some skits are just pure indulgence, like our Silent Hill skit. At least it was for me...

Kinbu: Iíve done a fair amount of writing for GomuGomu no Cosplayís comedy skits and for me itís all about pleasing the audience as much as possible.
Thereís nothing more exciting about performing for me than hearing the audience laugh. I like to write very tongue in cheek and like to do a little bit of poking fun at us, the fandom, as a community. If you canít laugh at yourself, youíll never have any fun. As far as inspiration, I canít honestly say where it comes fromÖ things will just pop into my head and I HAVE to do them. Silent Hill/Bright Side of Life was especially like that.

JadePrince: Often times we will discover a series or a group of costumes that look fun and challenging. Then we form skit ideas around the costumes like our Soul Calibur and Hellsing Costumes. We always have fun with our performances but lately we've been striving to step up our craftsmanship as well.

Kagomechan: Yes, before working with Gomu Gomu I was more focused on craftsmanship OR performance.. never really combining the two. (It was too hectic to try and control both) But after we all got together Kinbu has become my harsh task master and helps keep everyone on track. And by that I mean she rocks. So now I can focus on performance and skits. We switch roles a lot... XD

JadePrince: I just let them battle it out and side with whoever wins. Very Happy

Kagomechan: I like to think of JadePrince and everyone else in the group as our editors... but everyone comes up with ideas to help mold the final product! Which is why it's so fun.

5.) What has been your favorite performance so far?
Kagome: Don't make me choose! Okay, Silent Hill and One Piece Myu 2 are tied in my book. (Someday I shall have my Resident Evil Skit) But always have a blast backstage with the two groups. ^_^

Kinbu: Working with Sakura Mochi, it was Bright Side of Silent Hill. That was a really successful collaboration Ė it was an idea that I really wanted to do but I donít have ANY choreography (or dancing for that matter) talent whatsoever. I brought the idea to Kagomechan and she agreed to work with me to do the dancing part of the skit. With just the Gomus, it was Pirate Eye for the Landlubber. That skit was my favorite to write and for being our first time at AX, it went over really well. We had a ton of fun making, recording and performing that skit.

JadePrince: For me... it's probably a toss-up between our latest Sparkle One Piece and Silent Hill: Bright side of life. I always have tons of fun with Kagomechan's choreography, and I adore cosplaying characters with so much personality that it shows from stage. Also Homocidal maniac covered in blood + happy dancing = pretty much the best thing ever. The best skits for me are the ones that you can really feel (and hear!) the audience getting into.

Hiku: That's really hard to say! There are so many memorable moments involved when it comes to performing within either group that it's difficult to set one above all the others. Though I have to say that some of our more recent performances always make me nostalgic, when a year later, we are cooking up something new. More time, effort and passion go into our more recent performances, and because of that, it's like we're pouring our hearts out on stage every time.

Kawaii Aya: There are many performances that I've done with friends that I really enjoy. If I had to pinpoint one, it would be our recent One Piece myu skit.
This skit was really enjoyable, not only for me, but for the group. I really felt like I was connecting with my group and the audience.

Daitenshi: That's a toss-up between our first One Piece Myu and Link: Men in Tights! But then again, I always have fun with the group, and we've done so many skits, each with their own strengths and special moments, that it's hard to decide. I guess I should just say "The next one!" because the group gets stronger with each performance.

6.) What has been your favorite convention you've attended?
Kagome: Fanime! It used to be my local con and it was my first. It's very mellow and friendly but I do love competing at AX and seeing all the wonderful costumes backstage and up close. I'm looking forward to attending San Diego Comic Con for the first time this year.

Kinbu: Iíd honestly have to say that I think AnimeLA is one of my favorite conventions. They got a bad rap after the 2007 event but I know that they will come back very strong. The director has an excellent vision for what he wants the convention to be like and really cares about the attendees and making it a good experience. Itís a small convention but I would encourage everyone to give it another chance next year, I think itís going to be great. As far as masquerades goes, I have to admit Iím all about AX. The competition really gets my blood going.

JadePrince: Lately, it's been AnimeLA. Well-run by people who care about their attendees, take feedback to heart and who really work to fix their problems. Plus one of the best run masquerades I've ever been in. On the other hand, I probably look forward most to Anime Expo because it's the one convention that I can hang out at with friends who I wouldn't otherwise get to see during the year. And I LOVE the level of cosplay competition in the masquerade. So many awesome costumes and skits!

Kagomechan: Oooh can I add Anime LA as well..? I loved the people who ran the Masquerade this last year, Kevin and Andy, they were so awesome.

Hiku: I would have to say Anime Expo. It was my first convention back in 2000, and it has become so much more to me since then. Anime Expo brings the biggest crowd of fans from all across the globe and it's always quite a treat! Meeting new people and making new friends are some of the best things you can take back with you at the end of the 4-day weekend. For me, it weighs out anything in the dealer's room~ In addition, there is always a tremendous crowd for masquerade each year. As a frequent masquerade participant, I know it can be a little nerve-wrecking!--- but when it's over and done, and you have such a crowd waiting to commend you [for whatever reason~]... yah, it was all worth it~

Kawaii Aya: I think Fanime would have to be my favorite convention. Not only is it a local convention that I can attend every year, but it's also a fun and relaxing convention. I try to get involved with everything from karaoke to cosplay but I think it's the people that make it a fun convention. I guess I prefer the smaller crowd over the larger ones.

Daitenshi: I'm going to sound like a traitor here, but my heart belongs to Dragon*Con. Four days of movies, sci-fi, and comic books makes for an amazing crowd of rowdy adults dressed in costumes ranging from the ridiculous to the awe-inspiring.
As for anime cons, though, I'd have to say that in the past few years Anime Expo has become my favorite. The best guests, dealer's hall, masquerade, and of course, the best people! It's usually my best chance during the year to see all the wonderful friends I've made since I started cosplaying.

7.) Your groups have won a few awards, what advice can you give to cosplay groups to be successful?
Kagome: Keep things simple, be expressive onstage and have a clean/understandable soundtrack. Just because your friends all want to be voice actors doesn't mean they can. I hate to be mean but a bad soundtrack can ruin a good skit. Also listening to your friends and fellow group members is good too. One Piece Myu may have been my idea but I always take suggestions to further improve our skit.

Kinbu: Itís all about the team. Lay off the drama. What will make your performances great is a group who are friends and who are in things together. And donít think that avoiding drama means avoiding confrontation Ė be honest with each other and donít keep your feelings inside. It always makes me sad to hear about broken friendships inside masq groups.
As far as what you should make your skit, I believe the key is to reach to as many people as possible. Too many in-jokes and references to things that you wouldnít know outside the series alienate your audience and make them tune you out. Using references to popular culture and things that everyone can relate to makes the entire audience enjoy your skit. Last yearís Anime Expo winners, Underground Cosplay with their Cardcaptor Sakura/Captain Planet skit are an excellent example of this.

JadePrince: Be aware of the time-limit and don't try to cram a ten minute skit idea into 2 minutes. Think about ideas that will reach the most people. If you're cosplaying from an obscure manga, make the subject matter something more people will relate to. For example, not everyone knows Soul Caliber, but it's a good bet that at least 90% of the audience at least knows the premise of American Idol. Make it accessible! Failing that, a lot of constant well-choreographed motion and shiney costumes will work too. *grin* Oh, and always remember to TRIM THOSE HANGING THREADS. Judges always notice little things like that!

Kagomechan: What are you talking about we NEVER forget... ::snip snip:: 0_o cough..

Kawaii Aya: Communication. It's good to also have a positive mindset and focus on what you're doing. If you lose focus, you can lose yourself. What I'm trying to say is that people should enjoy themselves when they attend a convention. I mean why would you be doing this if you weren't having fun?

Daitenshi: Warning: Cliche ahead! "Have fun!" No, really. Choreography is important, practice is important, communication is important, but if you aren't having fun it will show in your final performance.

LINK TO PAGE WITH SKITS. (All the skits) (Just sakura mochi skits) (kagomechan's you tube account with all the skits uploaded)

Cosplaylab pages:
Kawaii Aya:

Thanks again, is there anything else you needed..? ^_^

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